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Tailgating: An Idiots Guide

There have been some interesting articles appearing in the press and on various motoring websites lately about the dangers of “Tailgating” due to a report by Highways England.  It’s a problem that just will not go away anytime soon. I’ve curated an article here from the Telegraph and also underneath it trawled the internet forums…

New Report Blames Drivers

The risk of fatal accidents whilst travelling on motorways throughout Europe has the potential to affect all road users. A recent survey completed by the French Motorway’s Association (ASFA) shows that of all fatal accidents on the motorway in France, the majority of fault lies with the motorist. In 2017, there were 150 fatal accidents…

UK Driving Licences Invalid in EU Threat

With the final hours of Brexit looming ever closer, thoughts are turning to the effects on everyday Brits.  One of these is the use of a British driving licence on the roads of Europe. In February, the European Commission stated, “as a consequence of the UK becoming a second country in the road transport sector”,…